Furnished Apartments in Medellin

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Furnished Apartments in Medellin; Furnished rental property in the village. The apartment has two bedrooms with closet. The cozy room is decorated in a colorful and modern, and the balcony has a good view. The kitchen is comprehensive, and well conditioned. This property is perfect for students looking for a different choice of accommodation. The residential unit has a swimming pool, gym, parks and recreation areas for comfort. Located in El Poblado. This sector is very unique for being close to nightclubs, restaurants and banks. It provides good security and access to public transportation. For more information about this property Code. 10536 and many more properties, call us In Colombia at (4) 444 2990 Ext. 1, USA – Canada 571 – 222 – 0517 and the Mobile: 316 832 73 79 also you can E-mail me at fusugap@colombianrealty.com
To see this property CLIC HERE http://www.colombianrealty.com/en/10536

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